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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Special Commission

Here is a commission that i finished a few weeks ago and didn't want to post until the recipient received it.
It was commissioned by Nigel Margetts, who easily has one of the largest private collections of my work.
Today is an especially good day for me to post this new picture, because i believe it is also his birthday, so...


  1. So cool. Don't know why but it reminds me of "The Last Starfighter"
    If you're old enough to remember that =)

  2. Ah! so that's the name of that film! i haven't seen it since i was a kid and we must have watched it on the VCR, but yes, i thought of that film too.

  3. That's where I got the idea from. I grew up in a small town in Tasmania during the 90s. All we had was a video store and a second hand dealer where we would buy old video games and rent 80s sci-fi films. The Last Starfighter was a favourite of mine, being about a guy obsessed with a videogame in an isolated place. I guess that's why I relate to a lot of the Ladyhawke stuff too...