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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

LIFE - exhibition - opens JULY 1 - LONDON

Lets just say youre in London... you should go to this opening on July 1st! I wont be there (i'm under house arrest in my studio until i finish the new Ladyhawke album cover)... but you can buy a VERY WELL PRICED print of mine, or one from a slew of Australian talents being showcased there.
The show is for the RED charity.

This is my print. It would look very nice in museum framing (oak wood?) next to your collection of fossils and antique book plates. Yes, OK, I drew it with the idea of framing it in oak and displaying it next to MY collection of fossils and book plates. It's from my current series, 'Wonderkammer'.
... here it is at home.

Buy directly from The Print Club.
Not sure of the cost, but as an approximate, its about Aus$97 to purchase and ship to Australia, so should be about 100 US$ and a bit cheaper in Europe. Thats bloody good actually.
email to get one!

1 comment:

  1. I just got print 2/20.

    kinda bummed at not getting 1 now.

    love it though, need to make it a fancy frame.