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Friday, November 13, 2009


The First Installment.
For some time I have been working towards the series of portraits 'The Brave', which will portray subjects who are admirable for their self awareness and their courage to celebrate and explore the vast options of personal and gendered/non-gendered expression.
The first four portraits of this series feature an athlete; Genevieve, and a gender-queer poster child; Rent (who you may recognise as the forlorn sailor in Ladyhawkes' 'Magic' music video).

more to come...
(and aspiring models... maybe u should leave me a comment)


  1. I love the poses, and colors fit so's amazing what you want to portray, it's a subject that everyone is afraid to explore in most part of times.. congrats for the work

  2. nice series sarah, awesome as per usual.

  3. Love the theme, cheers to queers, you're great!

  4. This is amazing Sarah. I really can not wait to see more.

  5. great work but i want know the name of the forlorn sailor =)