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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

my pieces for the LOVE HURTS EXHIBITION

The LOVE HURTS exhibition opens on October 12 in Auckland. It's at The Tattooed Heart, 202 K' Rd. I have had such support for my work from back home in New Zealand, and since this is the first time my work has ever been exhibited in NZ (outside of the 1992 Nelson A&P show), I wanted to make several pieces available at about half of my standard price range. I hoped that this would make them more accessible to a few more folks.
Details of the paintings are all below! (and if you do want to see the prices, click on 'comments')
(...and ignore the watermarked 'sarahlarnach' on the images)

^'Beetlejuice Was Our Favorite Movie, But We Argued Over What Sheets The Ghosts Wore'. 2009, 38.5cm x 38.5cm, watercolour and ink on paper.SOLD

^'I Was Too Broke To Buy You A Gift, So I Made You This Fingerbang Instead' 2009 28.5cm x 38cm, watercolour and ink on paper.SOLD

^'Waiting For The Perfect Man...Or Anyone, To Buy Me A Drink' 2009 38cm x 28.5cm, watercolour and ink on paper.

^'It's For The Best', 2009. 36cm x 27.5cm. watercolour and ink on paper.

^'Would It Hit The Ground' 2008. 30cm x 42cm. watercolour on paper.

^'How Was I To Explain Being Branded With Your Name?' 29.5cm x 38cm. watercolour on paper.

1 comment:

  1. beetlejuice was our favourite movie, but we argued over what sheets the ghosts wore NZ$420

    i was too broke to buy you a gift, so i made you this fingerbang instead NZ$300

    its for the best NZ$300

    waiting for the perfect man...or anyone, to buy me a drink NZ$300

    how was i to explain being branded with your name? NZ$420
    would it hit the ground 30 x 42 $420