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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A huge little bit of my history... Ladyhawke, 2009 singles

I got given a second shot at a couple of singles, and in the space that passed since the original releases, Pip and I both got a little darker, and I got braver and less 'particular'... these are examples of what we came up with.

This howling dude became a stage backdrop thing.

...and this guy is the original wolf painting, I drew him on new years day 2009, on an island in New Zealand, while deflecting my monkey nieces with quick drawings of elephants that they could colour in. It was a rad family colouring-in session.

And then came the Back Of The Van dinosaur series for a re-release... 'um, nice...but what have dinosaurs got to do with Ladyhawke?' they said. 'EVERYTHING!' we repiled.


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