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Friday, May 2, 2014


Hey! I have a duo exhibiton up with my mother Katy Sanson! It opened on the 24th at RED ART GALLERY in Nelson. ...and then i promptly went and hid under a rock for a week while I recovered and slept. Its been a very nuts bananas few weeks leading up to this show! Massive thanks to Mum, Katy. who was very supportive while i panicked in the run up to the show! So, Katy has just emailed my my images from the show but not her own..weird. So I'm sharing my paintings now and hers will follow asap. My work is all based on my thoughts of the 2nd World War, as a third generation witness. I've looked at how icons and imagery have become the things that resonate with someone of my generation, otherwise not educated on the facts of the war. My First three are ink on paper. All aprox 60cm x 76 cms. These are the 'Scar' pieces. My other four pieces are watercolour on paper, again aprox 60cm x 76 cm. The sweet colour range references a my naive understanding of war growing up, when I thought it was all heroics and clean bleached bones, and dances and old guys dressed in their medals on ANZAC day. These works are all created with terrific amounts of respect and I am grateful that I was allowed to be naive. With thanks to Katy Sanson for organising a me and the show. Love to my Grandfathers- Pete and Jack, who both served in WW2 but never talked about it...and died old men, but were old long before they should have been. Big thanks to Red Art Gallery in Nelson. Please direct all availability and price enquiries to them!

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