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Monday, January 28, 2013

the PASSENGER files

Album art and singles of his last album- All The Little Lights.
Looking through some paintings to glean ideas for a new t-shirt design for Passenger, the talented and increasingly popular UK musician I paint for very regularly, I found a single cover i was very stoked on and had forgotten all about (The Wrong Direction). I figured it hadn't been posted here, and frankly that warranted the whole bunch being put up. Without further ado...
^ Album cover and back covers in tri-fold.
^ inside page art. The barn is my favorite.
^ more inside page art with glowing eyes.
^ and more inside page art
^Single cover for Things That Stop You Dreaming which was a chart success in Belgium late last year.
^Single cover for The Wrong Direction. I'd hidden this one away from myself because it was the end product of many many attempts to nail the cover image and i was sick of the sight of it! ...12 months later I have to say its easily my favorite of the covers. (nice music video too - watch it at that link just above).
^Single cover for Let Her Go. Such a sad song. such a moody cover. Passenger official website Passenger on FACEBOOK

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