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Thursday, May 10, 2012

HELP ME AND MY ART GET TO LONDON! - bargain sarah larnach original art on offer!

(If you can hook me up by re-blogging or posting about this, I would be eternally grateful. If we can hook each other up by doing a transaction through Pozible, I'm pretty confident that we will both come out of this very happy) Theres a new Ladyhawke album being released, and if you're familiar with my work you will know that the biggest creative collaboration I have is with that lovely musician. Making art is not a thankless job- theres lots of praise to be found, and support in the form of peer (and strangers) recognition. What it is rather short on is cash. For the most part I do OK on that front, but like musicians and all kinds of artists, usually invest the money back into the creating. Now I find myself needing to be in London in a few weeks for the launch of the new Ladyhawke album, and without the $ to invest in the airfare. So, i have set up a crowd-funder thing through Pozible, where you can pledge some cash but you are getting a painting or print in return, so its actually an awesome little situation. This isn't me politely asking for something for nothing- Whats really being asked here is that with your pledge, you purchase some art from me, and at really good value, so that I can go to the UK - exhibit at this album release party- garner more interest in my work - increase the value of my work, and therefore - increase the resale value of your investment! WE ALL WIN! For $30 you can get a signed and numbered print -
For $75 you'll get an A4 sized original painting! it'll be rad... trust me. $400 will get you a new original form my Wonder Cabinet series. Your power as the commissioner will even entitle you to pick the creature that I paint the faux-taxidermy guide of!
And the cream of this crop is The Portrait Commission- $1000 will get you a commissioned portrait of the willing subject of your choice. Your beloved mum? Your BFF? your cat? 56cm x 56cm, this square format matched the new pieces I've created for the Ladyhawke Anxiety series. Then again, I could easily be persuaded to change the dimensions.
All works will be completed by the end of July 2012.

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