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Friday, August 19, 2011

Giant Moa Has A Giant Wishbone -painting, being auctioned online for charity

Christchurch, New Zealand, suffered some devastating earthquakes earlier this year. And now its freezing with the worst winter storms in 70 years. People still need charity down there, and my painting is being auctioned to help out! please take a look and maybe bid! (Watercolour and gold ink on 600gsm paper. 39cm wide x 56cm high)

The giant moa has been extinct for about 250 years, but these massive birds were once the worlds largest. I've painted this moa in the style of a museum taxidermy guide, for my Wonder Cabinet (Wunderkammer) series. This is the first original piece in this series to go up for sale.*
The special detail in this painting is the wishbone (which would be about 50cm tall on a Moa) - symbolically painted in gold, for hope and good wishes.

You can bid on it here. If youre not in NZ or Australia, you may need to make up a New Zealand address to register on the site, but since I'm posting it directly, the winning bidder can give me their real address anywhere in the world.

*The print 'We've Come A Long Way, Baby' for sale in London, see earlier posts, is in this series.

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